Director’s Sessions

The Directing Sessions give the director a rare forum to work with actors and practice collaborating, fine tuning channels of communication and capturing compelling life in your actors. In this session, you will have trained actors available to you to experiment and rehearse with. Each week we will include putting up scenes and learning how to craft emotionally impacting performances with the actors.

As writing can elevate a piece with poor acting, and actors can elevate poor writing, so too can a director elevate poor writing or acting. But many directors lack the language or even an understanding of the actor’s process. If two people speak different languages, there will be a language barrier and a barrier in overall communication. If the director has not learned how to communicate to the actor or even aid in bringing the actors to life, the obstruction will interfere with the story being told.

Elia Kazan, Francis Ford Coppola and many others were involved in rehearsing with actors and attending acting classes on a regular basis throughout their careers. This session will teach directors to employ techniques and methods to deeply activate the actor for truthful and excitable experiences, to achieve a specific display of human behavior and connection essential to sending the actors into compelling, moving, and interesting life. These techniques often have immeasurable success and are not existent in typical Hollywood acting classes. This is a session for you, the Director, to learn how to adjust actors, make suggestions, and for your benefit, your level of trust, your expectation of where you would like your craft to be.

*Schedule is subject to change

Trained actors send resume if interested in working with directors for these scenes. Directors will need actors for the class.