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Allegory of the class the forfeit of dogma in its own conceit

Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ tells the story of three men chained to a wall since childhood, narrated through the character of Socrates. Their reality is made-up of being forced to stare at a blank wall, seeing only shadows cast upon it from the figures who walk in front of fire which is placed behind the chained men.

Perseverance And Irreverence

“Acting” is a term in which artists and performers have used to define their trades for quite some time, but can actually deter the ultimate purpose and intent of the actor’s goal, to not act.

Creating The Character

Character and personality can be defined as the emotional qualities, thoughts, and behaviors that contribute to who a person is. Who we are as people is very much relative to when and where we as individuals are raised.

Improvisatory nature of the actor

Dramatic improvisation can be an incredible means to achieve more meaningful and deeper results through such exploration. Often misconstrued, certain teachers often promote improvisation as simply

To be or not to be

Truthful work demands a strict adherence and discipline for an actor. Producing authentic life on stage must of course begin with an actor honoring their moment-to-moment reality.